…for more service dogs in the office this week

Such good energy to have in the office! Trooper and Levi are so sweet!

03.02.15 02

03.02.15 03

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…for building relationships

While I love the variety that comes along with my job I also enjoy the opportunity to work with some students consistently throughout the season. It is fun to watch them grow and it’s such an honor to build a bond with them. On Friday I got to give one of my students an award for her great work this season!

02.27.15 01

02.27.15 03

02.27.15 04

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…for the Telluride AIDS Benefit Fashion Show

Had a great night on Thursday! First 221 with Kristen and then the fashion show which was so beautiful and fun this year!

02.26.15 04

02.26.15 08

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…for big smiles

We all sure did a lot of smiling today! So nice to have new snow with more on the way!

02.26.15 02



…for a jam-packed 41 hours

So grateful to get time in the sun with Aaron!

02.23.15 01

02.23.15 03

02.23.15 04

02.23.15 05

02.23.15 06

02.23.15 07



…for wholesome uses of Facebook

Sometimes Facebook can be a timesuck – just another way to zone out on the internet – but sometimes it can be a great tool.

For the past 5 weeks I have been participating in a pantry challenge with a group of other women. We’ve had a group on Facebook where we’ve set grocery and dining out budgets with the intention of paring down the food in our freezer and pantry. It’s been so great to have the support and look how much progress I have made on my freezer – nothing falls out when I open it anymore!!!

01.18.15 01

02.21.15 01

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…for fun students

My kiddo showed up today with a cape! We had a pretty fantastic day!

02.17.15 01




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