…for the first glimpse of snow on the peaks

Yesterday was a spectacular day for cloud-watching as the clouds rolled in and out all day. And so nice to see some snow! Winter is coming

08.27.14 01

08.27.14 02

08.27.14 03



…for a good visit with my parents

We had such a nice time!

Mom and Sal…

08.24.14 02

…birthday party…

08.24.14 04

08.24.14 05

08.24.14 06

08.24.14 07

…dinner at the Cosmo…

08.25.14 01

…and walks on the river trail!

08.26.14 01



…for an epic birthday dinner

I love these women and this restaurant!

08.23.14 03

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…for restaurant clearing events

Last night everyone working and dining at the restaurant took time out of their meal to enjoy the sunset – it was pretty spectacular! I love the reminder that we may be very different people, but universally we are awed by nature.

08.21.14 04

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…for the movie Boyhood

I can’t stop thinking about this movie. Yes there are some intense scenes, but in general it is a quiet movie that allows the characters to unfold in an organic way. I really loved it.

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…for the Mushroom Festival parade

Always interesting!

08.17.14 06

08.17.14 07

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…for Lake Street Dive

They were incredible on Friday night! What a great show!

08.15.14 03

08.15.14 05

08.15.14 08

08.15.14 10

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