…for gorgeous evenings

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…for fresh local tomatoes

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…for rainbows

They are so awesome!

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…for the rodeo

Such a fun night!

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…to be surrounded by such great kids

Sal and I were walking down the river trail and a boy in full mountain biking gear, about 7 years old, lost the pedal on his bike. He had ridden a hard trail with his dad and brother and was riding home alone. I tried to help him but couldn’t get the pedal on. He said he would just take it to Johnny (the bike mechanic). He was so polite and sweet to me and Sally.

I feel lucky to live in a place where it is safe for kids to be independent and where so many parents teach their kids to be polite and respectful. It’s a really special place.

PS On our way to dinner Jeff and I were stopped by a girl and boy who offered us some of their sidewalk chalk to draw pictures with them!

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…for so many beautiful evenings

I love long summer nights

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…for moments when I push myself

Adrienne took me on the Via Ferrata today and it was an amazing experience!

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